Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lady Bug Birthday Invitations and birthday cards!!!

Hey happy sunday everyone. Hope you all had a great weekend. I know I did it was busy but a lot of fun.I did a lot of scrapbooking that I needed to get done and my brother came to visit for the day from las vegas. We also had a family reunion and of course today church. So here are a few projects I did this weekend. First are some little lady bug birthday invitations that I made for my friend at work LuAnn's granddaughter Bella!!! We saw the idea online and I decided that even though I didnt have a cartridge to do them that I could use one of my other cartridges and my gypsy and do them. So I used my serenade cartridge that had a circle but you could probably use any other one you have with a circle. I took different sized circles and place one to over lap the other and welded them together then I cut a large red one the size of my bottom black one for the lady bug body and cut it in half to make the wings. I then put a brad through the wings and body so that they would move. then cut lots of tiny ones for the spots this is how they turned out.

This next project I did was for my friend Jazmin she is having her baby on monday. Its a boy so I made a cute congrats card for her. I used my create- a - critter cartridge finally!!!! I had been waiting all week to finally try it out. I cut the monkey and vine out at 3.5 inch. I cut the banana out at 1 inch. I used zig two way glue to put the monkey together and my atg gun to tape him to the card. The card is cut out at 10x5. I folded it in half and put a cut ribbon around the top. I also used my new martha stewart corner rounder to round the corners on the card.

The next two projects are birthday cards one for my aunt Lisa and the other is for my cousin Devin. On my aunt Lisa's card I decided to use create-a-critter cartridge. I am just loving this cartridge they are simple layered projects but really pop and are so cute. I cut the owl at 4 inch. I put it together with zig two way glue. Next i cut  the pink card stock at 7x6 1/2 and the k&company meadow&breeze paper a quarter of an inch smaller on each side. I used my atg gun to tape the two together and used pop dots to put the owl on. I then used my martha stewart corner rounder on the corners. I was simple and way cute.

Ok so now for Devins card this turned out way cute but was probably one of the hardest cards I have made the Mr. Incredible was just so detailed and had very small cut outs. I cut him at 4 inchs and used zig two way glue to put him together. Then I cut a little blue card stock at 10 x 5 inchs and folded it in half the next layer with the star paper I cut a quarter inch smaller on each side. I cut the red at 5x1 inch. I then used my atg gun to tape all the layers together and lots of small pop dots to put Mr. incredible on. This is one of my favorite cards and if you are good with small cut outs you should try this card.

Last but not least I made this simple thank you card for my mom. She got me some really cute new shoes and she is in love with shoes that is where I got it. I cut the purple at 10x 5  the green a quarter inch smaller and the shoe paper a half inch smaller. I ran the green through my cuttlebug and used my atg gun to tape them all together and put the ribbon on as well. I then cut the shoe from the gypsy wanderings at 3 inchs and used a pop dot to put it on the card. She loved it and it was very simple.

Well that is all of it. I had a great weekend doing all of these projects. I hope you enjoy them and enjoy your sunday!!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011


I finally got the create a critter cartridge!!! I have been wanting it for a while now. I cant wait to use it this week so look for some fun new projects. Also one of these days I am going to get some pictures printed so I can get some scrapbooking done so look for some fun new stuff and have a great day!!!! ( so sad I didnt make robyns MPS DT. :( oh well I guess there is always next time.)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Date Night!!!

This is a very easy and way cute card. Me and my hubby had a date night last night and I finally got him to scrapbook with me for about 20 min. :) So this is the card he made.We used some cute designer paper (sorry can't remember what it is I got it years ago). Also some other colors of card stock. First cut the green paper at 10x6. Next cut the blue at 9 and 3 quarters by 5 and 3 quarters. Cut the designer paper at 9 1/2 by 5 1/2. We ran the blue card stock through the cuttlebug with the swiss dots folder. then glued then all on the folded in half sheet of green. Next we used the pooh and friends cartridge and cut the pooh out at 4 inch. and glued him on last. Then the last thing was we stamped a happy birthday on the front. Enjoy!!!

Happy Birthday DAD!!!

This was a very simple card I did for my dad last week I didn't post it till now so that he wouldn't see it. I am not sure I am totally in love with it but it was still cute and he loved it. I used a few colors of card stock and cut the boy out at 4 inch. from the Paper Dolls Cricut Cartridge. Then I used my happy birthday stamp to stamp happy birthday all over the whole thing. It was really easy.

Another Explosion Box

Here is another explosion box I have started. I just loved the first one so much I decided to do another one. I want to put pictures in this one and some more designs but that is going to take a little time. I will take some more pictures of this when it is done so you can see it. I just wanted to show you that you can do one with a few layers to it as well. I hope you guys like it and again check out the videos on this on youtube.

Its Friday!!!

Hey everyone. Its Friday and I got the day off work so I decided to do some projects and boy did I!!!! This will be the first of a few posts today. I have a few projects I want to share with you. Also I am way excited that tomorrow is Saturday and Robyn from MY PINK STAMPER will be choosing her design team. Wish me luck it would be so fun and a dream come true. There was a lot of great talent that entered though it will  be hard to choose. Ok so on to the first project. My first explosion box. I found this idea on Gamma's Creative Corner. If you haven't seen her blog it is really fun go check it out. This project was so fun and really actually easy. It did take a little time but I think it was mostly me trying to decide how I wanted to decorate it. I made this for my aunt for her birthday so I hope she doesn't get on here and see it before I give it to her. I am just too excited to share it I cant wait. 

I used 3 sheets of designer card stock
Serenade cricut cartridge
zig two way glue
pop dots and ATG gun
These are all the things I used. It is a little hard to explain how to do this but it is very easy. Just go to youtube and search explosion box and you will find a few great videos. I hope you all enjoy and don't be scared to try it. I really is easy and a great gift idea.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yay Tuesday!!!

Hey Everyone, So today I decided to do a get well card for myself hahaha!!! I had an itch to make a card and didn't have any good ideas.(no sleep I havent been feeling well.) So I decided to make a get well card. It turned out pretty cute but in the picture you cant really see but there is purple in that background paper.
Wild Card Doily cut at 6" pooh and friends flower pot cut at 3.5". I used brenda wilten scrap pad on the go card stock brookfield. I also used orange and purple card stock for the flower pot. I used my cuttlebug swiss dots on the purple part of the flower. I used zig two way glue to put the flower together and pop dots to put it on. I used a stamp with brown ink to stamp on the get well. I hope you guys like it. And again with me luck on the MPS design team.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Pink Stamper Design Team!!!!

Hey Everyone hope your all having a great weekend. I have a fun project to show you it is my entry for the MY PINK STAMPER DESIGN TEAM challenge. The challenge is to make a card or scrapbook page using your favorite cricut cartridge and these colors: turquiose, orange, green, and brown. Robyn will pick her design team next sat. I cant wait wish me luck.
Green, Orange,Yellow,Turquoise,Tan, and Black card stock
To start cut green card stock to 11 x 6 1/2 inch and fold it in half. cut orange card stock to 6x5 inch.
next I used All Dressed Up Stack and cut that to 5 1/2x4. I cut Tinkerbell #2 for Disneys Tinkerbell and Friends Cartridge at 4 inch and used zig two way glue to put it together. I cut the ribbon at 9 inches and used Robyn's cheater method to put that on. the final thing was I used pop dots to put Tinkerbell on the card. This turned out so cute but took a little time. I loved this challenge and cant wait to see who makes it to Robyns design team! Everyone wish me luck I really want this!!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hello Happy Thursday!!!

Hey everyone!!! So sorry that it has been so long since my last post. We finally got our grass and yard in this last weekend and it was a lot of work but so nice to have it in now. I thought I would post a few on my latest cards and im sorry I dont have recipes for these but I promise from now on I will make sure I have recipes for the projects I do. I got bored the other day and decided to just make a few card to keep on hand for gifts and other stuff. On the first two i didnt use anything but my scrap paper and ribbon it was really fun actually to have to be very creative. I hope you like them.

                         This Piglet card was so fun and turned out way cute. I love this cartridge.
So I have some exciting news.Robyn from My Pink Stamper is putting together a new design team and I would die to be on it. So she is having a challenge to make a card or scrapbook page and post it for her and she will pick her new design team next sat.July 25th. I cant wait wish me luck. I will really need to work hard to make a good card. If i make it you should expect a lot more projects so that will be really fun. Anyways I will try to get more things posted and faster with more detail. Have a great Thursday!!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011


I have started to get into making cards. I watched a few videos with robyn from my pink stamper in them and she really made it look easy and it was. :) So thank you robyn. I have made a few and just wanted to show you them. I didnt write down the recipes for them but if you would like any of those let me know and I can find out. I hope you enjoy them!!! I hope that I will get some scrapbooking and some projects done this weekend and put them up.