Thursday, November 17, 2011

Joy Fold Card

This week for our design team challenge we were challenged to make a card using a fun fold. I decided to do the joy fold since I have done a side step a few weeks ago. This fold is really easy. I really dont know why it is considered a fold though. Because really it is more like two cards just put together. If you want you can make this a different size I did this for a younger kid and I think the bigger the card the better for a kid. :) Ok so first if you have double sided paper that is the best I didnt so its a little more work. First cut a 12x6 and fold in half. next cut another piece at 4x8 and fold that in half. Next put some glue on the one side of the 4x8 and glue it to the other folded card. I then put a happy birthday dye cut I had that came with this paper and glued that on the front also a small flower. Last glue a ribbon around the card just right to where the 4x8 card ends so you can tie a bow but then still be able to open it. This was easy and way fun. Sometimes it is hard to read directions and totally get what to do so I think if you need any help youtube search for a joy fold and you will see just how easy it can be. You can also make it way more detailed its up to you. Have a great week!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Inking It Up Design Team Project!!!!! Thankful!!!

This week for our design team project we are going to all do thankful projects. I am very thankful for all my friends and family and with such great friends and family you need lots of thank you cards. So for my project I did some very simple but beautiful thank you cards. They were fun and they will be great for about anything. I made a few different sizes as well because of this I will not put a recipe up for all of them so if you would like a recipe for one let me know it was very simple. just some cardstock, ribbon, and tape. :) I hope you all enjoy and really do something like this when you have some spare time. It is always nice to have a few thank you cards made already for when you dont have time to make one. :) enjoy the rest of your week because the holidays are coming and its going to get busy!!!